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Nokia X2-00 E-mail In general

Nokia X2-00 - E-mail - In general - Step 1
* To send and receive e-mail on your Nokia X2, you need the same login information you use on your computer for MS Outlook or webmail. * Contact your e-mail provider's Customer Support to obtain this information and any additional instructions, such as port number information. * Your e-mail provider could be BASEfreedom, Tele2, Yahoo, Telenet, Gmail, Hotmail, or any other. For business e-mail, please contact your IT department. * Click *Next* for an overview of the information your e-mail provider should provide.
Nokia X2-00 - E-mail - In general - Step 2

Information required to use e-mail on your Nokia X2:

* POP3 server address (to receive e-mail) * POP3 username (usually your e-mail address) * POP3 password * SMTP server address (to send e-mail) * SMTP authentication (username and password for outgoing e-mail) should not be enabled for BASE.

First obtain this information, and then click here for instructions on how to set up e-mail on your mobile phone.

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